You Are Root

"You are root" was posted by WODE developer TheArtificer shortly after the release of firmware 2.1A/B.
It describes how to obtain root access to the WODE via its serial console. The following is a direct quote of the original post. - -- rduke 2011-08-15 22:03:39

I forgot to mention a little bonus feature in today's 2.1x releases. The serial console is enabled giving you root access

In the next week or so I will make a GIT repo available so you can download and tweak your own Wode kernel. Wode is built on Linux 2.6.29 & an old OpenWRT Kamikaze release. We are working hard to port WODE to the latest stable Backfire release - more news soon.

Once that is done I will make an open uBoot available that will allow you to load your own uImage from SD.

Cant wait BUT can solder? Apply update 2.1x and hookup a 3.3V - RS232 level shifter (this is from the Wodes point of view)

WODE serial connection

Once Wode has booted send a C/R to get the console:

If you can't solder but want to join in then hang on - Hopefully Admin will make a few devkits available so you can join in the fun.

I wont be making the bootloader keys or the Wode App source code available, these aren't covered by the GPL. I may make some very basic example apps available though (rip, play, serve etc).

Happy Hacking


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