Also known as Das Luft Wiisel. He is a mayor supporter of the WODE and loves it so much, that he would have small Wiisel babies with it, if possible. THat is the reason why he has devoted his life to making a WODEBotter, which he then can mate with.

In other news; he likes to come with alternatives to simple Yes no question. A prime example was the big PBO Vs. Zbox fight on IRC. Thus not really being a fight, but more like a pillow fight with naked wiisel-Like strippers.


THis is Teh Wiisel in its natural habitat. It stalks for moronic questions from users who ragequit at 3 in the morning. Then he drinks their blood and gains their youth.

At times, Teh Wiisel might also be confused with NyanCat. Do not do that. He will rip you open and eat what crack you have left in your body.

Also he hangs around IRC with 2 germs, who are desperately trying to take over the world with their lazyness.

Also note, that Teh Wiisel will never be found when you need him. But you get alot of flames in your logs at shit o clock in the night.

All in all: Everyone loves Teh Wiisel. I know i do.

Oh, and i broke it. Can i have another?

No you broke the last five or six ones -- rduke 2011-08-12 21:14:50

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