WODE Jukebox

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Technical Specification


Let pictures do the talking

WODE Mainboard

WODE Mainboard Front

WODE Mainboard Back

LCD Board
Top: v1
Bottom: v2

LCD Front v1 and v2

LCD Rear v1 and v2

LCD Comparison
v1 and v2

LCD Brightness comparison v1 and v2

Personal notes about the official feature List

Although admittedly the WODE does most of the things that it was designed to do, there are a few outstanding features that have not been implemented as of the time of writing this. The idea was to integrate a WebInterface into WODE so users would be able to select a game via the Wii's Opera Browser or even a secondary PC/Laptop/Netbook. As of now there was only a flash based (closed) beta of this which didn't work well with the integrated browser.

The state of SAMBA streaming is desolate to say the least. There have been numerous attempts to fix the issue that streaming is extremely slow, but so far none of those were successful. For more information check the changelog of firmware 2.2E.

Also notable is the lack of support for GameCube games that use streaming audio. So far no fix has been supplied, although the developers mentioned that it would probably be possible to fix it when disabling the WODE's ripping support in exchange for streaming support (which many affected users would gladly accept). -- rduke 2011-08-12 13:01:47


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