WODE Vertical Stand


Conceptual Images

Production Molds

On December 17th 2009 it was announced that after many samples produced and many imperfections fixed the plastic molds were ready the manufacture took over 2 months to create. The mold was described as being BIG and HEAVY and a weight in an excess of 300KG. The mold was also said to to produce over 300.000 pieces before being replaced.
attachment:Mold_1.jpg attachment:Mold_2.jpg attachment:Mold_3.jpg attachment:Mold_4.jpg


Nov 17th 2009 The forum admin and WODE Team leader posted images of the final prototype stand this also showed that there would be a slot that would be used as SD card storage area (left rear).

Final Plastic's

On December 21 2009 The first images of the vertical stand were shown to the world. The quality of the white plastics raised a lot of controversy at release due to it having a pinkish hue.

Colour Variations

October 26th 2010 WODE Team member TheGuru announced that there will be three more colour variations added to range. The coloured variants became available as as an individual package containing: coloured Wode-VerticalStand, coloured Wode-Joystick plastic knob, velcro strip holder. The new range of stand colours to be made available were: gloss black (for black Wii owners), silver (like stock Wii stand) and also an orange variant for those that were expecting orange as depicted in the concept images. Some sellers took full advantage of the new coloured plastics and later started to offer buyers the option to select their wode stand colour when making a purchase.
attachment:colours.jpg attachment:colours2.jpg attachment:colours3.jpg


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