Manually create a BCA file


This page contains a tutorial on how to create a BCA data file from scratch for use with the WODE Jukebox.
It's a guide primarily focused on using Neo Hex Editor, experience in using hex editors might be useful :) .
Note: Manually created BCA files are not compatible with riivolution.


This tutorial has been written by forum user thetikihead with the help of Mooki (Images)

Acquire the BCA data

You will need to find the BCA data, well as of now you have a few choices, you can either softmod your Wii and use a program to extract it,
which most of us here probably do not want to do because that is why we bought the WODE in the first place, or you can search on the internet for the BCA info for the game you need.

If you've got a original copy of the game handy, the easiest way to acquire BCA data is by using WODE's ripper in conjunction with the "BCA Data Only" option. -- rduke 2011-08-15 18:21:33

Download a Hex editor

So you found the BCA data you needed for the game you needed, now what? Now you will need to download a hex editor to make your bca file.
The editor that seemed to work for me and Mooki is called Neo Hex editor, and you can download it here.

If you're using the GNOME desktop you might want to give Ghex a try -- rduke 2011-08-15 18:13:04

Creating the BCA file

Once downloaded install the program. Once installed, open it and make a new file. It should look like this.

Next you will manually insert the BCA data into the correct fields like so in this example.
It is very important that you put the BCA data on the left of the new file, not on the right.

Saving the BCA file

When finished inserting the BCA data into the hex editor, you now must save it. Go to Save As, and now save the file as "filename.bca" for example, your mario game iso was called mariogame.iso then you would name your BCA file mariogame.bca. Copy it in the same folder as the game's iso/wbfs file. If everything went as expected, WODE should display "BCA ISO" when the game runs on the LCD screen.


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