LCD Brightness & Solutions

The WODE LCD board received numerous complaints after the initial release and withing months a second board started shipping. The known issues are:

An example Of the extent of revision 1 LCD boards brightness can be seen in the following image below.

attachment:LCD_bright.png A simple solution for this was posted on the forum by TheArtificer

"If the backlight is too bright and you are up to it, put a 10 Ohm 1/4 Watt resistor in line with the backlight power supply (red & black wires."

LCD Board Comparison

attachment:LCD_Front.JPG attachment:LCD_rear.JPG

Top: Revision 1 Bottom: Revision 2

Take note of the extra components on the rear of the revision 2 board located between the USB port and LCD connection.


  1. WODE's Later shipped with a USB Y cable to provide more power for hungry devices whilst revision 1 owner will either have to add their own Y cable or a powered USB Hub (1)

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