WODE Firmware Update

Read this first

This page describes the update procedure for the WODE. Before you update your WODE for the first time, check it's current firmware version on the about screen.
If your WODE is below version 1.28, it is mandatory to update to firmware 1.28 first, otherwise your USB storage device might not get detected.

Also note that some WODEs refuse to work with certain 2.x builds of the firmware. The official statement on this is that it's bad flash memory or bad FPGAs that slipped the factory QC. More tech-savy ressources tell us, that there is no such thing as bad NOR flash memory. If your WODE refuses to work at all with certain 2.x firmwares but works with earlier releases, it is probably affected by this problem. You should try to exchange it immediately. If you encounter general trouble with updating, visit our Troubleshooting pages.

Firmware Update

Version A/B and C/D

The newer firmware builds starting with build 2.1 contain two update.bin files. The "A" and "C" version usually have read/write support for NTFS partitions, which means that you can use those to rip games to NTFS formatted HDDs. If you don't need the ripping feature it is strongly advised to use the "B" or "D" variant, those can read NTFS formatted drives, too. The caveat for the NTFS ripping support is that HDD access is slightly slowed down for NTFS partitions because of a different driver being used (ntfs-3g versus the kernel's internal module).


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