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During WODE's life numerous offsprings of WODE have been announced by the manufacturer. All of them remained conceptual (2011-08-15).



WODE LITE will be the new principal WODE hardware for the future. It will arrive in the market middle/end of April. We reduced the hardware that normally stay inside the vertical stand in a smaller box without LCD.

We took this decision for three principals reasons:

1- Reduce the WODE size and so save shipping charges
2- Simplify the production
3- Try to reduce a bit the costs of device

REMOVE the vertical stand will not save a lot of money in production, we estimate about 5 eur less price between WODE LITE and WODE STANDARD VERTICAL STAND... We can add also about 2/3 eur of shipping charge saving from china to distributors... WODE LITE will have a street price about 10 EUR less than a WODE with STANDARD STAND.

WODE Lite Conceptual ArtWODE Lite PrototypeWODE Lite Prototype in Wii


WODE Lite has been postponed for release in Autumn (Europe Time - October).

The main reasons that WODE Lite has been delayed are :

- The new feature of disc ripping requires a user to see the progress on the screen. The WODE Lite does not have a screen, so we will have to work on interface etc... need time to be done
- We want WODE Lite to be 'Lite' in size as well, so we are redesigning the PCB board to make it smaller, this mean new samples, new case design, new protoypes (min 1 month)
- We want to fix the small bugs in 2.0 firmware, and finalize the WiFi capabilities on the standard WODE first
- We also want to start investing some time into a possible WODE (Optical Drive Emulator) for the Xbox 360, a very exciting project

For now, the WODE standard is the only WODE on the market.

WODE Elite

WODE ELITE We don't abandon the idea of the vertical stand, is in develop WODE ELITE VERTICAL STAND, a special vertical stand with built in HUB and USB TO SATA ADAPTOR... This special version will be sold like an extra accessory of WODE LITE.. Read this thread here:

This LITTLE difference in the PRICE makes the current version of WODE STANDARD VERTICAL STAND more attractive! Don't miss the chance to have the LCD and Vertical stand for little money more. WODE team suggest to book asap WODE STANDARD, after end of april it will be almost impossible to find

We are in develop with a modify version of the current STANDARD WODE vertical stand.

WODE ELITE will be an advanced optional tool that will give to users these nice advantages.

1- Internal space for an Hard Disk 2.5" size SATA
2- Internal USB TO SATA adaptor
3- Internal 5 ports USB HUB with 4 free ports on the back of vertical stand
4- LCD screen to manage WODE interface
5- Really cool and compact design

The street price of this WODE ELITE VERTICAL STAND will be about 25/30 EUR, it will be competitive compared to an external HUB and an external HDD CASE. Of course the very nice thing is a compact and nice design that is impossible to find in the market...

To be more clear in the future who buy a WODE LITE can but LATER or TOGHETER the OPTIONAL WODE ELITE VERTICAL STAND with an extra cost of about 30 EUR... So a complete kit will cost WODE LITE 65/70 eur + ELITE VERTICAL STAND 25/30 EUR...

More pictures and a new video of WODE ELITE will be posted soon.

For who like vertical stand and don't want to spend more then necessary we remember to buy the current WODE STANDARD VERTICAL STAND EDITION, this version will go out of production at end of april and is the cheaper way to have a NICE vertical stand and the nice LCD screen to manage wode!

WODE Elite Prototype Image #1WODE Elite Prototype Image #2WODE Elite Prototype Image #3


WODE SD (name choose from our users here

- Wode SD is a competitor for the Wiikey Fusion with same features (sd card only support, wbfs)
- Supports WBFS file system (games are smaller in size resulting in fitting more games on an SD card)
- Low price solution
- Wode SD is possible to be controlled from the Wii / GC interface (interfaces compatible to the Wode Jukebox such as Wode Channel, Wode flow, etc. It is easily controllable by your Wiimote (or GC controller) on screen.). This means, an external screen is not necessary which also means a better, competitive price, and less components to be used resulting in less RMA's!
- Of course it works like a standard flat mod modchip, so on old drivers you can read backups

>> Release date unkown but not so far ahead <<
WODE SD Prototype - Filename left untouched


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